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Most of the time a search begins with a rough idea of what we want to find out, but we don’t know exactly what it is or on which site to find what we are looking for. That’s where Google (or any other search engine) comes in. It helps turn our questions into answers.  Terms like “home renovations in Milton” or “Home Staging in Mississauga” are searched for everyday. (yeah, you bet we plug our clients. Just another reason to come work with us)  You can bet that your customers are also out there searching for your services, and wouldn’t you like to make sure that they can find you before they find your competitors. Google is constantly changing their algorithms and staying on top of all of the changes is a full time job, so let us worry about that while you focus on the most important things, your customers.  Let us get you found.

Searches per Year (Billions)

Search Explained
A Simple Breakdown of a Search Engine Results Page

Paid Results

These results, also known as Pay Per Click Ads (PPC), can usually be found at the top and on the side of the regular results. These are the quickest and easiest way to get your site to show up on the first page, but it will cost you. Unlike a usual ad where you pay to have your company show up for a certain amount of time, like the name implies, you only pay for the visitors which actually clicked on your ad.

Organic Results

This is where the term “SEO” (Search Engine Optimization) that you have been hearing so much about comes into play. These results are deemed by the search engine to be the most relevant to your search. Search engines used complicated algorithms which are based on a wide variety of on and off page factors to determine how each page on the internet is ranked. This is why organic results take a lot more work to show up on the front page, but the number of clicks on these links are free and aren’t limited by any budget.

Why Use PPC?

It’s Quick

PPC Ads are very quick to implement as compared to their organic brothers. Figure out your target, Research your keywords, Place your ad, Appear in results.

It’s Guaranteed

You don’t have to worry about any algorithms here. Place a cost per click bid high enough and you’re guaranteed to end up on the front page.

It’s Easily Measurable

With Paid inclusion in search results, you know every single click you are paying for. This makes it very easy to measure the ROI of each ad by connecting it to sales.

Why Use SEO?

It has Unlimited Potential

Unlike Paid ads, SEO’s potential is not constrained by your budget. A good quality SEO campaign has no limits on the amount of traffic it can generate.

It’s Free (sorta…)

Search Engine Optimization doesn’t have any direct costs. Even though it will take some time to implement properly, unlike PPC you don’t pay per visitor.

It’s Permanent (kinda…)

Unlike with PPC, any effort you add here will still benefit you tomorrow. Even though the algorithms are constantly changing, if you have properly optimized your site and content, you’re likely to hold your position.

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